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The Corioliss Curlizer is not your average curling iron because unlike normal curling irons it does most of the styling for you! This motorized barrel rotates left or right to create the perfect curl every time! Are you constantly worried about burning your hands when you try to wrap your hair? Don’t worry the Corioliss Curlizer wraps the hair for you with the touch of a button and you also get our Corioliss finger glove to protect the tips of your fingers while you let the Curlizer create amazing curls. There is also a short clip that helps hold the ends and reduces the chance of big creases in your hair. OK, so some things are standard like the 3-meter swivel cord, adjustable heat settings up to 430°F, and a hassle free one year warranty but we bet your old curling iron didn’t do so much of the style work for you!

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