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Keratin Hair Serum

Ever wondered how to get a great blowout and some repair for your hair at the same time? The Corioliss Keratin Serum is the answer. Repairing keratin protein, moisturizing glycerin, and frizz fighting cocoyl amino acids make the Corioliss Keratin Serum a necessity for your daily haircare routine. Apply to damp hair before blow drying and/or after heat styling for a polished look. Pro Tip - apply to damp hair and allow to air dry for a just out of bed look without all the frizz! The Corioliss Keratin Serum is free from harmful alcohols, contains no parabens, no salts, and no SLS so you get all the good stuff and none of the bad. Oh, and we don’t test on animals…unless you count the office staff! Try our Corioliss Argan Serum after heat styling for extra shine.

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